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What is Permanent Jewelry?


Accessorize effortlessly with a new permanent bracelet! Your permanent bracelet will be custom fit to your wrist and specially laser welded together so you can stay forever foxy! These lightweight, delicate chains are perfect for everyday wear, and, because they are 14k Yellow Gold Filled or Sterling Silver, they’re meant to withstand everyday activities like working out, showering, or even going through TSA. A permanent bracelet is the perfect way to celebrate any special moment or person in your life. Commemorate your relationship with family and friends or show up to your next big event in style with a permanent bracelet from Fox and Beaux! 

Permanent Bracelets

Stay Forever Foxy With

~Permanent Jewelry~

(Currently Bracelets Only)

Lazer Welding
Chain Options
Chain Display

I'm In!  How Do I Stay Forever Foxy?


Book An Appointment

Use our online booking system to pick the perfect time for you!

For Participants of 3 or more, please book 2 consecutive spots.

Come See us at the Boutique

Head to our boutique in the heart of downtown Asheville and sign your waiver. If you want to view the waiver prior to your appointment, click here.

Pick Your Chain

Choose from our selection of 14K Yellow Gold Filled or Sterling Silver chains and we will custom fit it to your wrist. 

Stay Forever Foxy

We will custom fit your bracelet and specially weld it so you are linked & ready to impress. 



Chain Style Availability Varies. Call The Day Of Your Appointment For Our Stock.

We start with a base price of $50 to account for labor and the closure ring. This is charged Per Person. Prices vary depending on chain style, so after you select your chain we will calculate the total based on your custom wrist measurement!




        Is it really permanent?

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 11_edited.png

Our durable chains are meant to last! If you do need to take your bracelet off, use sharp scissors or floral cutters to cut the connection ring. We can re-weld for a $15 fee, as long as you still have your connection ring. If your chain or connection ring is lost, another one will need to be purchased. 

        Does it hurt?
Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 11_edited.png

No! We use a super precise laser welder to apply heat to the bracelet only. Your safety and comfort is our priority!

        Can I get a permanent necklace or anklet?
Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 11_edited.png

Currently no,  please know that necklaces and anklets are more prone to getting caught on something and stretching or breaking. We are not liable for broken chains and are testing the potential to offer these in the future

        Do I have to have an appointment?
Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 11_edited.png

Yes. We are not currently accepting walk - ins for permanent jewelry. Please book your appointment here!

        What if I have to cancel?
Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 11_edited.png

A $50-$150 deposit is required to book your appointment. The deposit will go towards the final cost of your bracelet. If you need to reschedule we will move your deposit to your new appointment, if you need to cancel your appointment, you must reach out to us 24 hours beforehand. If you do not cancel or reschedule with at least 24hrs notice or you do not show up to your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited. To cancel an appointment please email us at

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