Designer: Abacus Row


The Selene collection introduces our work at a new smaller scale of detail. Working with Japanese glass seed beads in exceptionally small proportions, the designs in our Selene Collection highlight the fluidity in the nature of the materials and the precious quality of subtle details. Accented with 14k gold-filled beads, we created patterns and details that work beautifully in singular presentation or in layered combinations. 

Our Pan Earrings showcase an asymmetrical design of unexpected patterning of gold among matte glass beads. One earring in each pair features a  gold-beaded segment along the backside of the hoop.

This design is available in 5 matte colors:
Peach – a warm and neutral shade of pink
Wisteria – a light cool touch of purple
Ume – a dark yet vibrant colored plum
Mist – a foggy blue with grey hues
Rain – a blue with dark grey qualities.

Selene Collection Size + Color Guides


Length – 1.3" diameter
Materials – 14k gold-filled hoop, 14k gold-filled beads and Miyuki matte glass beads

Pan Hoops - Ume

SKU: 8073